Willmar and Paynesville Reunions, Class of 1982

April 5 – Did you graduate from high school in 1982, at Willmar or Paynesville High Schools in Minnesota? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Our 25th year reunions are this year, in 2007.

I’ve been looking for information about our 25th year reunions. I graduated in 1982 from Willmar, and would love to attend if possible. I’ve found nothing yet, but I’m hoping by placing this on the Web, anyone Googling these events may be able to contact me. I can’t organize them but would like to do what I can to help make them happen. Might be hard to attend, since I live on the east coast.

Although I left Paynesville in 7th grade, I feel a strong connection to my classmates, many of whom I knew since Kindergarten. I remember names and faces, and have my old yearbook. Probably a good number of people left and arrived in the five years since I moved away.

I’ll explore some ways to move this along. Perhaps I will list our class rosters. That way, if someone Googles themselves or a friend, it might lead them here. Meanwhile, if you do find this page and are interested in these events, please contact me. My email address is “mail,” at my domain.