May Strange People on Ninth Ave. Greet You by Name

Subtitle: How A Provocateur from Whitestone Ignited a Late-Night Conversation between an Unsuspecting Buddy and a Playwright of the New American Theater

July 28 – Had a short but pleasant conversation with playwright David Crespy from Missouri tonight. He’s in town for an interview with Edward Albee; they spent the afternoon together at Albee’s home in Montauk. Crespy was relaxing at Dave’s Tavern on Ninth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen when we spoke.

Life at U of Homumbia (oops, that’s Columbia) is likely not as interesting as life in New York City, but since Crespy (that’s C-R-E-S-P-Y) produces most of his plays here, I can’t really feel sorry for him. And when he’s in Missouri writing, he can just go places in his head. You know, for a goof.

So how do I know this guy? I don’t. My friend Bobby just likes calling his friends when he’s in his cups, then handing his cell phone to whichever stranger in the bar he’s talking to, and telling them they “have to talk.” You know, for a goof.

Yep, that was the call. Life in the City. And lucky for me, Missouri likes company.

So I Googled David Crespy mid-conversation (after finding a book he authored at Amazon) and now he and I are the very best of strangers. Strangers who never talk or see each other. Strangers that you meet during 11 PM phone calls on Saturday nights when you should be out partying with your friends, but won’t because you can’t because you shouldn’t because you’re just not supposed to right now.

I don’t know who was living vicariously through whom tonight, but it was five minutes well spent. Now I’m off for a late night walk after a midnight supper of pasta in garlic, tomato and cream sauce.

Bobby, usually the people you hand your phone to are complete idiots. Tonight, you actually found an interesting guy. You done good, bro.

Let’s do it again soon. For a goof.

– p.k.

p.s. If you enjoyed this, you might also consider Sam Shepard : Seven Plays (Buried Child, Curse of the Starving Class, The Tooth of Crime, La Turista, Tongues, Savage Love, True West). You know, for a goof.


  1. Anonymous said,

    Hey Paul,
    Love the article. I remeber it as if it was yesterday,WOW! Let's do it again, for a goof!!!

    Your buddy,
    Bobby (Tough guy)

    on May 19, 2008 at 3:57 PM