Life with Mother, New York-Style, Day 4

November 9 – Mother and I had another great time together today. It was a bit short, for I had business to take care of and she needed the extra sleep. So, we met in the afternoon for some much-needed surprise shopping (discovered a wonderful thrift store) followed by dinner at La Posada, a Mexican restaurant. We were both impressed by the great cooking. Everything was delicious.

One bargain I am very happy to have found is a 14th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style for just $2.50! This will come in handy as I do more writing. Mother also suggested I try to make my way into the editing arena as a possible new career. I will certainly keep that in mind.

We spent a short time together at the hostel discussing plans for tomorrow. Katz's Deli is a likely destination, so I am getting excited for some quality cheesecake. Perhaps a visit to the Bronz Zoo and Gardens, which would be very nice, even on a rainy day. That's what the forecast calls for, so we'll both be prepared.

Thanks, Mom, for a wonderful day!

– p.k.