No Treats From Obama: How did Opie do it?

September 30 – One of my favorite YouTube videos is “No Treats From Obama,” featuring a dog named Opie who’s being offered carrot treats from Mom and Dad, but turns away with a hilarious worried look on his face, refusing treats from Obama.

How did they get Opie to do this?  I wrote to the woman who made and posted the video.  Here is our exchange:

PK:  Congrats on reaching over 3 million views!!! I love Opie!!!

Tell me, what was your method or secret in getting Opie to turn away his head at the sound of Obama's name? Was something being done off-camera to prompt him to do that? Is there a different audio track in reality other than the one we're hearing?

kentuckygirl58: Thanks for your message. There is no explaining how we taught Opie to do this. I’ve been asked this so many times. But he has always been such a smart little guy.

What you saw on the video is just how he does it. There is no other audio track. He just responds with his hugs and praise of course his treats which are most of the time, carrots.

Up until our granddaughter talked us into putting it on You tube, he had only entertained our family and friends. We really did not think it was a really big deal. We’ve been really shocked at how many hits he has had. But thanks again and Opie says thanks too!!

– p.k.