Self portrait at 53 Ann

March 16 – Some of my lady friends at 53 Ann, a bar on Ann Street in downtown Manhattan, were treated to photo portraits last night. A few turned out exceptionally well; Patti and Blanca were particularly happy with theirs. Thanks to a free wifi connection my Mac picked up, I was able to email the work directly to my subjects right there from the bar.

At right is an example of my work.

Paul Klenk, self-portrait, made on a Mac using Photo Booth’s Pop Art effect. March 16, 2007 at 53 Ann, NYC.

53 Ann has a great karaoke night on Thursdays, presented by Roberto & Zaida of Lion’s Roar Karaoke. They treat singers very well, providing a superb sound mix and personal attention to each singer's needs. A refreshing change from the many karaokes featuring drunks yelling into a microphone.

I discovered 53 Ann one evening after interviewing in downtown Manhattan. It’s around the corner from another favorite hang out, Taino Cigar Shop on 93 Nassau Street. Taino rolls its own cigars, with a blend of Dominican and Honduran tobacco in a Brazilian wrapper. Rich, smooth and flavorful smokes. The regulars are a friendly bunch of men who relax in the front lounge area until 7 PM close. Ronnie who runs the joint will help you pick out something you like, but I would start with their house blend. You may not want to smoke anything else after.