Sermons of distinction

May 13 – As a life-long follower of Jesus Christ, and believer in his Gospel, I have not encountered a better teacher than Dr. Tim Keller of New York City. God has used him in a singular way in my life, transforming me at the utter core and putting me on a path of new discipleship and a new vigor in my life.

If I had one wish for everyone in my life, particularly you, dear reader, I would wish that you come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ as the “saver” (or savior) of your life and soul.

If I had could recommend only one human on the planet to help explain the good news (the Gospel) of Jesus Christ to you, it would be Dr. Keller.

If I had could fine one tool (in addition to the Bible) to help a believer grow in his faith, it would be the sermons of Dr. Keller.

You can listen to 21 free sermon samples on his church website. These are in MP3 format, so you can also download them and copy them to your iPod.

Once you realize what a marvelous teacher he is, I also recommend buying a few sermon series (they are modestly priced) at

I know, I know. Everyone thinks his pastor, his mechanic, his doctor is the best. It can be annoying when someone urges you to listen to someone you’ve never heard of.

But I do urge you to listen to this guy.

Listen, and let me know what you think.