On the radio: Conversations with Dennis Miller

June 21 – Comedian Dennis Miller and I have spoken several times recently on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Dennis Miller Show. Today we talked about Albert Brooks’ Lost In America (“Let’s touch Indians”).

Miller also expressed an interest in my logo design work. He is taking steps to launch a product line of hats, shirts, mugs, and the whatnot to promote this new show, and has invited his listeners to submit their work. Some of my designs have been very well received by his website visitors, so I took a moment today to bring them to his attention. We’ll do our best to speak again tomorrow about using my work and developing other good ideas for him. I’ll be quite interested to receive his feedback and criticism.

Dennis Miller excels at bringing his distinctive blend of of erudition and stream-of-consciousness comedy to bear on the political and cultural issues of the day. He’s a natural broadcaster, and, in my opinion, the most refreshing and promising new voice in talk radio. By focusing on the hot issues, but toning down the rhetoric, Miller has widened his audience and elevated the discourse above that on most shows. He is thoughtful, open-minded, and willing to engage with his guests and callers, but never afraid to speak his mind and establish strong positions on issues.

I enjoy speaking to Dennis, love to make him laugh, and hope to call in to the show regularly as circumstances allow. Check my blog MillerFan.com for links to audio archives of my calls.