Best Free Website Publisher I’ve Seen

July 11 – The discovery of Google Page Creator was a highlight of my week. Google keeps offering more and more to Web users for free. Even in its beta form, this page builder is the best of its kind I’ve seen. Imagine how great it will be in its final version!

I was so impressed that I migrated my recently launched career website there, and gave it a glorious new design. Hope you like it. And I created a new business site for a consultant friend.

There’s an art to getting the most out of free webpages. Template sites offer less flexibility than those built “from scratch,” so creative work-arounds are needed to make them elegant and functional. What you’re reading is example of a free site made to function to its fullest potential.

If you like my career site, and know someone on a budget who could use a professional website, let me know. I’d love more clients, and I’m very affordable. And now that I’m a Google Checkout merchant, I can invoice them by email and they can pay online.

– p.k.