Life with Mother, New York-Style, Day 2

November 7 – It couldn’t have happened better... Mother and I scored two free tickets to the Big Apple Circus, and what we saw I can’t do justice in writing. It was dazzling, entertaining, and just plain fun truly a world-class performance. Part of the enjoyment was listening to hundreds of Kindergarten and first grade students howling, screaming, laughing, and applauding with joy.

Afterwards, we walked to Carnegie Deli and shared a sandwich bigger than my head. We enjoyed a long walk in Central Park, where we listened to the delightful carousel calliope, and I got my first look at Tavern on the Green. What a beautiful place that is. We even took a short lie down on the grass of the Commons! Look for pictures of that soon.

After a trip to Whole Foods’ cheese counter, where Mother found a plentiful supply of the cheeses she had been looking for, plus a bit of window shopping for hats, we headed back to the hostel and had a light supper.

It was a very tiring day, and a good lesson that you can’t pack too much into one day. New York is a city that begs to be swallowed in big gulps, but you have to enjoy it in small pieces. I got home before eight and was asleep in no time. Must have slept eleven hours. What a day!

– p.k.