Life with Mother, New York-Style, Day 6

November 11 – We listened to a great sermon this morning at church, based on Paul's letter to the Ephesians. Keller is such a great thinker, scholar, and preacher, it is sometimes easy to take him for granted. However, today I think his sermon was one of his best. Beautiful trumpet and organ music, including a piece by Elgar, filled the Hunter College Auditorium.

Last night at Katz's, our table mate suggested a place for our lunch today. Sylvia's Gospel Brunch in Harlem was extremely busy, but after only a few minutes at the bar, our table was ready. Sylvia Woods herself greeted us at our table, and Mother got a picture of her. Before our soul food arrived (ribs, fried chicken, and black-eyed peas), I joined the gospel singers in a gospel verse. Minnesota was "in the house" today, and Harlem was in our stomachs.

Before stopping by the hostel for a nap and some quiet time over tea, we made one more trip to the thrift store, where I scored a fabulous bargain on a crushable felt fedora and a scarf. Mother said I "looked like Paul again."

And as a last wonderful touch, when I got home, I was able to find a flight to Minnesota the week of Thanksgiving and Mom's birthday!

Tomorrow is our last day together. Nothing on the calendar yet, except a stop at the thrift store for a shot at a beautiful jacket for Mother. At the moment it's on a mannequin, but on Tuesday morning it becomes available for sale. Monday night we're stopping to find out the price.

– p.k.