Dazzled by Macy’s Displays

December 5 – Macy’s Christmas displays were a big treat and morale booster today! I enjoyed the windows, the poinsettia display, and the new Waterford crystal New Year’s ball that will drop at 11:59 PM on Monday, December 31, 2007 in Times Square.

The windows are themed with an extremely colorful story of Santa’s world-wide ride through outer space, with views of Mars, a bird’s-eye view of New York City, and a clever rotating view alternating between London and Sydney, Australia. One window has a personification of Winter Wind blowing Santa and his sleigh through ice crystals, riding an elaborate roller coaster. It is quite stunning and is possibly my favorite window of the group.

Inside the store, the Main Aisle is decorated profusely with many varieties of poinsettias. They are quite lovely, and from the balcony overlooking the floor, the view is also splendid. Wish now that Mother and I had wandered through the store when she was here recently.

The Times Square ball was the biggest suprise. Made up of 672 double-sided Waterford crystal triangles, the ball is lit from within by Phillips Lighting Company’s special LED technology, making it its own light show. The colors change and create patters in the glass that include Christmas and Hanukah colors and many other effects. I was close enough to touch it (but didn’t!). So now on New Year’s Eve of 2007-08, the ball I’ll be watching on television will be the actual ball the was displayed on Macy’s first floor.

What a great time I had! And to boot, we’re getting our very first tiny snow flurries to make the day all the more Christmasy.

– p.k.