Again with this New York Times thing...!

January 3 – Now that my health is improving, I’ve decided to start blogging a bit more. It’s very good for my mental well-being. I hope to publish items you will enjoy reading.

One item is my latest piece in the New York Times. What a fun Christmas present it was for me!
I wrote the piece last year, when I was suffering from a deep depression and out on disability. Yes, every word of it is true, which is what makes the Metropolitan Diary so wonderful. Mike Pollack, the editor, called me to verify that I had sent it. I had typed it up a year before, but never got around to submitting it.

This year I did. And I’m so glad! When the call from Mike came, I was in Minnesota at my brother’s house. Of course, I immediately had to call every family member and share with them the news. Their little brother was once again in the papers.

So, here’s a link to the story: The Goose. And below are links to my other two Metropolitan Diary stories. I hope they bring you smiles and chuckles.

The Ladies from Lake Charles

The Everything Bagel

– p.k.