A John Rutter Christmas:
Just in time for Thanksgiving

November 25 – Christmas has come a bit early to my little apartment. Tonight I purchased The John Rutter Christmas Album from iTunes.  I'm listening to it on my laptop right now...

How amazing, delicate and worshipful this music is. Exquisite voices, perfectly balanced and harmonized by Rutter's arrangements.

There are so many favorites on this album. One delight is the Donkey Carol. It is written in an uneven 5/8 time, so you have the feeling of being carried on a clumsy donkey!

Another is I Saw Three Ships. Very light and happy, with a key change that is like the opening of a flower. How Rutter does it, I can only marvel.  "And he did whistle and she did sing, on Christmas Day in the morning!"

This is a perfect album to get you in the mood for Christmas. Light a few candles, turn down the lights, and put on this collection of music. There are 23 tracks, so you get a very good value. (Many of these have been published on earlier albums.)

– p.k.

Listen to samples of all 23 tracks here.