Paul Klenk’s Facebook questionnaire

Do you publish a blog? If so, what is the URL, and does it have an RSS feed?

Yes, several. Most notably, – and yes, it has a feed that posts new items to my FB notes automatically (which is how you’re reading this).

What nickname/handle do you most use when posting comments on the Internet? If we Googled it, would we find lots of interesting comments?

Either my real name, or paulklenk. And, rarely, oriboxi, CitizenK, LoudCitizen and Silly. And yes, you just might.

What is your funniest and/or most embarrassing memory of Paul Klenk?

Playing feather-volleyball in China, on what were supposed to be boy-girl teams. I suddenly, and indignantly, cried out, “Hey, there’s no girls on your team!” only to discover that there were. Also, on a retreat with new friends in a Christian high school singing group, I put on a puppet show with a little white paper bag – to wild acclaim – only to realize I was using a feminine products disposal bag, thus the laughs.

What book (include author) has influenced you most in your professional life? Your personal life?

Getting Things Done, by David Allen; The Bible, English Standard Version. Also George Orwell’s essay, “Politics and the English language.”

What is your favorite ice cream (flavor and brand)? Besides ice cream, what is your favorite dessert? Candy bar?

Ice cream: Häagen-Dazs Reserve Amazon Valley Chocolate. Dessert: Tiramisu. Candy bar: Butterfinger Crisp.

Do you contribute to Wikipedia as a writer or editor? If so, which articles have you authored?

Yes, I authored “New York’s Village Halloween Parade” (including the photographic sourcing), “John Keston” (my college voice teacher), and “James Harris Simons” (my former boss).

Besides Facebook, what other sites do you use to establish and maintain an Internet presence?

Google Profiles; and my blog. I have a place-marker at MySpace which points people to my FB page.

Which email services do you use daily?

Gmail, plus GoDaddy mail which feeds into my Gmail account (both Web-based). I do not use an ISP-provided service or a computer program on my PC.

What Web browser(s) do you use?

Google Chrome. Also Firefox, but only to watch Netflix. Sometimes IE, Opera and Safari to check how my Web pages display.

What dish do you most frequently: Cook? Order in? Eat out?

Cook: Progresso soup. Order in: Chicken with vegetables or tamales and burritos. Eat out: A big salad and the special at Neptune’s Diner.

Which dish do you wish most restaurants knew how to make properly?

American: Classic hamburger; chef’s salad. Chinese: Sesame chicken (impossible to find in Astoria)

Where do you most frequently procrastinate?

Cleaning my room

If you could have any dog, and didn’t have to worry about expense or work involved, what would it be?


If you could own a second home anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Manhattan; then London

What new upcoming movie are you most looking forward to seeing?

Where The Wild Things Are, directed by Spike Jonze; The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, directed by Terry Gilliam.

What do you most frequently search for at YouTube?

Long interviews; favorite comedians; full-length films; movie trailers; my favorite cable news hosts (I don’t have TV or cable).

How has Facebook improved your life?

Wow – it has helped me recover some of my recently lost self-esteem by connecting me to those who appreciate me. It has also gotten me involved politically again.

What Facebook feature most annoys you?

All the stupid quizzes (“What kind of fecal matter are you?”) and the gifts people send each other (Suzie just sent you a “Hearts and Anuses Afire Brooch”). I always hide them.

Which useful Internet sites would you most like to share with others?

LinkedIn; Google Reader/Google Docs;

What interesting or hard-to-find object have you purchased on eBay?

Two items related to my college voice teacher, John Keston: A 1974 playbill from his only Broadway play, and a CD of the original West End cast of “Sweet Charity,” which he starred in with Juliet Prowse.

What is your earliest memory of the Internet?

Checking out someone’s AOL screen at work, and coming to the early and prescient conclusion that AOL sucks.

What domain name(s) have you purchased? What did you intend to do with them?

What craft do you like making with your hands?

Origami boxes. They’re completely enchanting.

What is favorite puzzle/brain teaser?

Sudoku (Java required.)

Who would you most wish would join Facebook? Least wish?

I’ve given up on him; I’m not saying.

What Web sites do you visit each day to read regular news?, Drudge,,

What Web sites do you always keep open (in tabs or windows) as you surf?

iGoogle, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube.

– p.k.