Paul introduces CinExcite! Upcoming Films

May 23 – As you may know, I’m fairly crazy about films. It’s one of my great passions, and I’m pleased to introduce my first serious website devoted to cinema both popcorn flicks and art house pics.

In my quest to identify the most promising films being released, I watch literally hundreds of movie trailers. Being the efficient person I am, I log them, rank them, and organize those I don’t want to miss into a running calendar. My movie outings spring directly from this effort.

Over time, my list of rankings has grown, and I’m happy to announce I’m making it available to you on the web. To make the list even more useful, I’ve included links to trailers and official sites, so you can easily watch the very best trailers out of the hundreds I’ve previewed for you. You can search the list, sort it, download it, and submit your own films as well. I’m also launching an online utility at Facebook to help you easily compile your own interactive movie-going calendar, and organize outings with your Facebook friends. You never have to miss out on a great movie again.

I’ve named my website CinExcite! Upcoming Films, and I’ve released the beta version to the public this week. As a special “first look,“ I’ve posted my Best Bets of 2009 so you can watch what I believe are the most dazzling movie trailers.

Knowing your tastes, I suggest you start by watching the trailer for Julie & Julia, a true story based on the lives of Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep), and Julie Powell, a young woman who cooked her way through Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in its entirety in a single year while keeping a blog of her work. Streep’s performance is a riot.

Then check back with me and let me know what you think!

– p.k.