My on-air calls to The Dennis Miller Show

October 22, 2009 – After giving up hope I’d ever find these again, today I recovered some lost audio files of two of my calls to Dennis Miller’s radio program in June of 2007.  They were special to me, because I got Dennis and his producer to burst out laughing, so I knew I was these were moments I wanted to have forever.


Clip 1: In this call I referenced a remark someone had made about Hillary Clinton in the early days of her presidential campaign.  She evidently had had a very successful a make-over, and everyone was noticing how good she looked.

“Bangable” | Air date: June 4, 2007

The “bangable” remark I was talking about must not have gotten any traction, because a Google search of "hillary clinton" + bangable only comes up with 288 results.  No real surprise there.

Clip 2: Here, I mentioned the opening scene of Albert Brooks’ hilarious Lost in America, a movie Dennis sub-references whenever he says, “Let’s touch Indians!”

“Rex Reed on Larry King Live” | Air date: June 21, 2007

Why did I call myself Tugboat Paulie? During the very early days of Dennis’ show, he often called upon us charter listeners to be his “tugboats” and pull his new show out to sea. If anyone has a video clip of that movie scene, do please share it!

These files were lost when my computer was stolen later that year. But I had noted the show dates on an old fan blog; this was just the information I needed when I stumbled on a way to access old episodes from Dennis’ Web archives.

(Posting these clips online in an easy-to-play format was quite a challenge. If you’d like to learn the easy way what I learned the hard way, read my new guide to Audio embedding on Blogger and WordPress here.)

– p.k.