“Zombies for Obama” in the 2009
NYC Village Halloween Parade

November 2 – A video I was instrumental in getting made looks like it may go viral on YouTube this week. “Zombies for Obama” – a skit presented in this year’s NYC Village Halloween Parade – is climbing the charts 24 hours after being uploaded.

I befriended the producer and artistic director, Reynolds Butler, and the videographer, Jeff Bruzzo – separately – at a Tea Party social on September 22.  I’ve always wanted to do a political skit in the parade, and when I heard Reynolds was already planning one, I decided to become part of that project.

Later, learning Jeff was a videographer, I put two and two together and hooked him up with Reynolds. Jeff agreed to volunteer his services to capture the event on film.

The result? This wonderful video.

In actuality, I did relatively little work on this, other than hooking these two guys up and creating a Web site for the event.  (A cold kept me from marching in that rainy parade.)  Reynolds put weeks and weeks of work in, designing costumes and props, wrangling the zombies, and acting as artistic director and producer.  Jeff also did an amazing job not only filming, but editing the video and creating an excellent soundtrack.

You can read  more about this wonderful piece of street theatre at www.ZombiesForObama.com.

– p.k.